one nation, under god

Are We Still One Nation, Under God?

So much is happening in our world…and especially, our country right now. We are seeing history in the making – but is it a history any of us can look back on with fond memories, or will this be remembered as the time we saw our country fall apart?

As a man who dearly values God-given liberty, I see more corruption of our government and society in the last half decade than I’ve seen throughout the rest of my life. Star Wars fans might say, “the Dark Side is growing strong”.

Without God, democracy will not and cannot long endure.

Ronald Reagan

We’ve allowed ourselves, as the people of this amazing country, to be divided by lies and deception, rhetoric and entrapment of a very corrupt and even diabolical leadership.

The setup has been long in the making. For some folks, it’s hard to see, let alone to believe, as things aren’t always what they appear – or what the media would have us believe. The issues we face and the problems we are dealing with aren’t about race or creed, economic position or social status.

God’s adversary is the master of evil and lies, who has gained so much ground recently, through those people who seem to do the devil’s bidding, that we now have a tremendous moral battle on our hands as we watch our freedoms and liberties get stripped away at an alarming rate.

How did this happen?

It wasn’t all of a sudden. It started small, with things like commercializing the most reverent of holidays (holy days) and progressed to removing the Ten Commandments from your courthouse, destroying the sanctity of marriage, desensitizing us to sexual immorality & brutality and glorifying violence. Before we knew it, we have an all-out attack on anything God-given, holy or having to do with morals and values.

Satan’s henchmen have incited hatred among men and women based on our gender, our skin or even which “party” affiliation we claim. The goal of evil is to completely divide us as a nation. And, once divided, we will fall.

The Answer

Our only hope is to get our focus back on what is right. We must unite with one another again in the celebration of moral values instead of debauchery. To celebrate strength instead of breaking down another soul. To celebrate faith instead of mocking it.

Our only real hope is uniting once again, as One Nation, Under God.


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