About Cole & Voyage of Discovery

Cole Ruddick began Voyage of Discovery with the focus being reaching out to people, sharing lessons-learned, life-principles, experiences and struggles while making the most out of life.

The tag line “Voyage of Discovery” was inspired by William H. Danforth, an early 20th-century author, philanthropist and founder of Ralston Purina.

Cole Ruddick is a long-time student of principle-centered personal development. He has a diverse background in technology, management & leadership.

ColeSince Cole was a child, he’s had a strong desire to help other people become their best and has always believed that that his own personal growth parallels the way he’s able to help others to grow. Learning and sharing what he’s learned by connecting with others are things he’s always enjoyed.

My ultimate goal here is to share something of value with you – something which will make a difference & prove helpful to you in your own journey of life. I’ve made more mistakes and screw-ups in my life than most people I know. I’ve also experienced so many amazing things! I try to learn something from all of it. By reaching out & inspiring each other, we grow and progress.

A couple of Cole’s trademark passions are principle-centered living and personal understanding. As a motivator, Cole writes on this website and other sites focused on helping people become their best.

Cole’s personal interests include aviation, writing & listening to music, astronomy, science, mobile technology, good food, fitness & leadership. As a bit of trivia, he loves journaling, has a slight obsession with quality writing instruments and is fascinated by old-world maps.

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