Some People Will Rain on Your Dreams

You can have the most amazing, revolutionary, creative idea and no matter how good it is, there is a guarantee almost as if by some unwritten law of the universe, that someone (and likely someone you know well) is going to poo on it. Here is how & why you should follow your dream, no matter what others say.

Criticism is a sad aspect of human nature, but some people are most comfortable putting others down & trying to keep them there. It can be crushing to the one on the receiving end, as well as their dreams. A lot of people never get far enough to see their ambitions take off because they succumb to the stress & pressure of what others might think of them. And for what? For striving to be better, to have more, to become something other than mediocre?

Don’t let someone who gave up on their dreams talk you out of going after yours.

The most successful people in history have a particular set of things in common. One of those things is that they didn’t let the nay-sayers stop them from going forward and following their vision. They went forward. They made history.

Grab Opportunity…Or Create It

I’ve had some great successes in my life & have experienced more than many my age. Still, I’ve passed up more opportunities in my lifetime than I’ve ever followed through on – and the biggest reason is fear. A lot of times, it’s been fear of what someone else who’s close to me would think if I were to follow such a “dream.”

You may not make history by following a particular dream of yours, but you should always follow through on it. Take what opportunities come to you. Create opportunities when they are scarce – instead of creating excuses.

Frozen from Fear of Criticism?

A while back, I realized that I had allowed myself to be a victim of fear. There were times when I froze instead of blazing ahead. That sounds pretty silly, but it was true! It hurts when you have a vision, desire, idea or ambition but don’t have the faith & belief – or at least emotional support – of those who matter most to you. They might be jealous, envious or just plain calloused.

I’m not going to analyze the various reasons ‘why’ some people like to criticize & belittle those with vision, dreams & goals. It doesn’t matter. What is important is that you don’t fear such a reaction or let that stand in your way for one moment.

Just Do It!

You probably have a “bucket list” of things you hope for or want to do or accomplish in your life. Don’t wait until you’re terminally ill or only have a few short, golden years left to do them. Chances are, if you’re waiting for exactly the right time & situation, it will never magically appear. Whatever it is you have on your list, get serious about it. Plan it out. Turn the vision into a goal with a time frame. Then do it.

Follow Your Dream!

Photo credit: Kathryn McCallum, some rights reserved.


  1. Absolutely correct – make opportunities, don’t create excuses! Nothing is worse than the face of regret. Would’a, could’a should’a is a lousy way to live. You have to make life happen! 

    • Thanks Amanda. So often, people get caught up in reasons why they shouldn’t try. It’s self-defeating sabotage. Making it happen is usually the only way we’re in control of life.

  2. In a similar mode to many writers before you, but yours is touched by personal experience tinged with sadness – don’t leave it until it too late.  Thanks for sharing Cole.  

  3. Just Do It – the famous word. Many times, it’s not “Just Do It.” It’s also follow up – action – follow up. The whole cycle matters. Many New Year’s resolution failed because there’s no action – follow up cycle. The piece of paper just sitting there. One needs to have an action plan and follow up.

    • Thanks Nick! Very good point – the constant follow-up, action, evaluate & go forward process is ongoing. Without a plan of action focused on a clear goal, it’s too easy to be stopped in your tracks as an obstacle is encountered. Constant personal (or business) progress requires frequent follow-up & rechecks of our plan. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I hear you brother.

    Everybody and their uncle came out to tell me how crazy I was to start a business in what will probably be know as the largest recession in my lifetime.  The company I worked at for almost 20 years was putting the lock to the door, and I was faced with some hard decisions.

    I was even downing myself from time to time.  Am I making any money?  Not really, my landlord making the cash.  End result is still being afloat, and 20 years from now, no matter what becomes of the business,  I’ll be able to look anyone straight in the eyes and say I DID IT, while most everyone else will be asking WHAT IF?

    • Awesome! There’s never a better time than ‘now’. And if you didn’t start the business, you’d probably be living with the regret of not having tried. Instead of answering everyone’s ‘what-if’ questions, you truly can say ‘I did’. Thank you for commenting with your story.

    • Sharon, glad you started – even if it took a year. I’m working on an article about when it really matters what other people think of us. Obviously, it doesn’t matter that people might think we’re nuts for betting ourselves & following our dreams. Live it! Thanks for sharing…and best wishes to you!

    • So true, Dee. Most people have experienced this at some point in their lives. Allowing negative to rule what we choose & how we live never keep us going forward. Thank you for reading…and for your comment.

    • Deanna, thank you for stopping by & for your comment. We can’t often change negative peoples’ minds through debate. That human nature is a funny thing. So, what’s left is to go forward…and just do it. 🙂

  5. Love it, Cole! Creating opportunities but not excuses is a very important thing in achieving goals and in staying motivated. Another one which I personally like: don’t be afraid to fail, admit and appreciate your failures, learn from them.
    Thanks, Cole, for sharing those great thoughts!

    • What you said is awesome and it goes hand in hand with this entire conversation. “Don’t be afraid to fail, admit and appreciate your failures, learn from them.” Excellent words of wisdom. Thank you for reading and sharing. Cheers!

  6. I have been in the same situation where I allowed my killjoy family members to influence my behavior, even though I knew that I should follow my heart. I am always struck by the sad truth that some people are motivated by undermining others, often the very people that should have their well-wishes, if not their outright support  It’s unfortunate that the starting point for acting on your dream is a lonely place. Thank goodness we meet other dream-followers on the way who started at the same point. Nice to meet you!

    • Deanna, thanks for sharing. What I’ve found is that many people can relate to your sentiments here. The “high road” is usually not the easy path… but the one which leads to the most growth & is most rewarding in the end. Have a wonderful week, and thanks again.


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