The Importance Of Your Smile

The Importance of Your Smile…

Do you really love your loved ones – children, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend? If so, it’s important to show them through your smile.

Though we don’t get a paycheck for sharing kindness with those at home or we’re closest to, the lasting rewards offer priceless returns. ~Cole

How Often Do You Smile?

Imagine yourself getting up in the morning, rushing to get ready for the day, heading out to work, school or whatever you have to do. You take off, get to where you’re going, deal with co-workers, clients, classmates and other people. At the end of the day, you come home &  do chores, shopping, dinner and get ready for tomorrow.

As you picture yourself running through your day, do you imagine yourself smiling at all? More importantly, do you share your smile with whoever you’re closest to… the ones you love?

Most of us share a smile with clients & coworkers without much effort at all. At home, the ones who really need & deserve your smile may get the straight, serious face of a person who’s just trying to get things done. In reality, the lasting rewards of sharing kindness with those we’re close to are so much more valuable in the long run than the face we put on at work.

Share Your Smile With Those Who Matter Most

It’s so easy to take for granted the people who matter most, the ones who we love and who love us – the very fabric of our lives. We depend on each other for so much but often we can rush off for the day without giving them our smile.

The Many Benefits of a Smile

A smile requires very little effort and will bring a huge return on your investment. It’s backed by science! Smiling even when we don’t feel like it can cause us to feel happier. This is true even for people who really don’t even like their own smile.

Little kids share their smiles so freely and innocently. They haven’t yet discovered the stresses of adult life – but we don’t have to stop smiling as adults. A smile is welcoming. It warms the heart. Your smile inspires peace through feelings of acceptance & appreciation. According to WebMD, there are many benefits to smiling.

We never know what tomorrow may bring. Today, inspire love, peace & acceptance with those who matter most in your life at home…by sharing your smile. The importance of your smile can’t be understated. It’s priceless.

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First published September 14, 2011. Updated June 12, 2015


  1. We all have bad days along with the good ones. I know that for me, there are days when it takes an extra effort to share a smile with my family. Still, it's worth it. They need to know that they matter – that I value them. Every day. This can be done through kind words or a hug, too.

    After all is said & done, who is it that we need to cherish in this life? Those we love & who love us. Don't ever let them feel like they don't matter.

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