Don’t Judge Me by My Past. I Don’t Live There Anymore.

Usually, I write about proactive living, abiding by timeless principles and how positive thinking makes a difference in our lives. But what about the times when all of that just seems to be a bunch of hooplah or big talk? You know – the times when no matter how much you’d like a change or a positive difference in your life, it just seems way out of reach? When the job you go to every single day just gets you down and stresses you out to the max, when finances seem beyond repair… when your relationship status is at an all-time low?

Like everyone who eats and breathes, I have bad days. There are times when it seems like no matter what I do, it doesn’t make a positive difference. I can get very critical – of myself, of others and about situations.

The last thing that anyone needs when they are dealing with that, is getting kicked when they are down by someone who can’t manage their own life. Ever been through that?

So, is it a fault within me? Or is it simply a part of living? Who’s to say? Those who would be critical of my down times have no right to judge me or criticize – especially since I can’t help but notice that they are deep within their own rut.

What really pisses me off is when someone who seems so very miserable in their own situation and has no answers for them self, also seems to feel the need (or pretends to have the right) to criticize me for the effort I put into making life better!

So… here it is, folks. If you’re having a bad day, go ahead and have a bad day!

After all, we all do. If you’re having a bad month, DO SOMETHING about it! If things around you aren’t how you want them – get off your back side and MAKE it different. Do what you’re afraid to do, take the high road… just don’t get on someone else’s case for the fact that they are acting when you’re busy making excuses or having a pity party.



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