The book of Proverbs says, “as a man (or woman) thinketh in his (her) heart, so is he (she)”. The noted author James Allen wrote another book on this idea at the turn of the last century. Just what exactly does this mean? We’ve all heard it said before…that manifesting our own reality through the things we constantly think about is not just theory.

We create our reality – our actual environment – through our thoughts. Yes, in fact, we build our lives minute by minute through the energy (and resulting actions) of the thoughts and attitudes we are most focused on.

I’ve fought with a lot of negative thoughts & attitudes over the past decade or so. What I’ve noticed beyond any doubt, is that when my thoughts are negative, my outlook is dismal, my hope is weak or gone altogether…that’s when things only get worse. Nothing seems to get better until I actually make the effort to change my thought pattern & the focus of my energies.

This whole concept makes some people very uncomfortable, because it means that they are directly responsible for most of the negative “crap” that’s happened in their own lives. Well, as much as that doesn’t feel good, it’s usually true. We’ve created our own worlds through thought first and then, action.

Easy To Get Started…

While I may not master the art of manifesting abundance anytime soon, I’ve learned a few things that can and will help.

  1. Write your affirmations by hand onto paper.
  2. Read them aloud, several times each day.
  3. Affirmations should be action-oriented statements. For example, instead of saying, “I have a lot of money”, say something like, “Money flows to me in abundance”.
  4. Even when you don’t believe what you are writing and reading out loud, keep it up. It may take many weeks, but you will see a change.
  5. Sharing your affirmations with others rarely helps. Usually, they don’t have the same vision you do – and in the worst cases, can actually damage your progress through criticism.

Share some of your favorite affirmations, experiences or ideas in the comments section below.



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