Podcast: How To Revolutionize Your Meetings


Today on Voyage of Discovery, I’m going to share some very valuable ways to completely change the effectiveness of your business meetings. These are strategies I’ve learned through research & from others – along with some things I learned the hard way as a meeting organizer. So, if you in any way are in a position where you hold meetings, this can be game changing for you!

  1. Make Meetings Voluntary
  2. Never Read PowerPoints to Your Audience
  3. Say NO To Statistics
  4. Engage With Your Team
  5. Make It Fun!

Think about the various aspects of organizing & presenting your meetings and identify anything negative, then turn it around to make it a positive. Don’t worry if it’s not “how things have always been done before”. If you’re looking for a better result than what you’ve had before, things need to be changed – even shaken up a bit!

Also, keep in mind if you’ve been having troubled meetings for a while, it may take some time for people to get the idea that things have changed. Continue trying new ideas and see what happens. Be patient, persistent, creative and have fun!

We don’t want to have the mindset of speaking to people, but rather engaging WITH them. Include everyone as much as possible, acknowledging them as individuals with needs & feelings. As a leader, be available for and accountable to your people – be an advocate for them and they’ll follow you anywhere.

OK, there are several tips guaranteed to revolutionize your meetings. I hope you’ve found some value in this and that it will serve to improve the meetings you have in the future.

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Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often as important as the outcome. ~Arthur Ashe

Now go make the most of your life.

Voyage of Discovery Podcast
Voyage of Discovery Podcast
Cole Ruddick

Voyage of Discovery featuring Cole Ruddick


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