Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015

As some of you already know, my “day job” keeps me pretty busy with a lot of travel throughout the year. The past year has been exceptionally busy, so, please forgive my absence and lack of updates.

We are staring down the barrel of yet another new year! Along with my other resolutions regarding health, finances, etc., I’ll be writing more – and I’m starting those resolutions before the first of January. Instead of reiterating the real meanings behind the holiday season and hammering on how I despise the gross commercialism which now surrounds Christmas, here’s something different.

Everything to this point on my site has had to do with perspective, understanding and personal growth. I still feel the way I have about all of that. I’ve deliberated for months on something I wanted to do with this site & have come to a decision. It may be silly to some, very unpopular with others and in some ways even possibly dangerous, but I am changing directions on starting right away.

Where We’re Headed

Let’s face it, our world – particularly the United States of America – is headed in a direction which concerns me greatly. I believe a huge part of why this is happening has to do with a gross lack of moral values and I can’t remain quiet on this any longer.

This nation was founded on a set of very strong moral values & principles which the majority have strayed far away from. The popular “mainstream” media in our country would have you believe in & live by something completely different from what you’d hear & learn in your church or synagogue.

God has been pushed out of many important places and turned into something taboo – even comic. Feminism has desecrated what is truly beautiful & sacred about femininity. Racism has become more of a heated & violent problem (however cooked up it is) than it’s been in the history of America. So many “isms”! Government has long ago proven it is not ‘the answer’ and that problem is getting worse by the week. In short, we are on a dangerous & destructive path.

I was raised with some strong values that many would call ‘old fashioned’. Unfortunately, I haven’t always followed those values, and that’s led me into most of the troubles I’ve had during my life. I’ll share those values along with some stories of how I’ve screwed up royally, too.

If you’re still with me, join in the conversation & add what you think. Spread the word. Let’s try to get some momentum heading in a good direction. If you choose not to follow along for whatever reason, I wish you the best.

To everyone, I wish you a very blessed, happy and prosperous new year!


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