how well do you get along with others

Regardless of how you think people perceive you, your own view of that is usually quite different from how others actually see you. So, how well do you get along with others?

It’s All In Perspective

Since I’ve worked and written a lot lately on the Understanding series, it’s only fitting to take a few moments to reflect on how well we understand and work with others.

There are a lot of different type of personalities that make up the world we live in. Are you the kind of personality that is quiet & reserved or more of a forward and aggressive person? Maybe you feel that people like you and you get along with everybody in your life – or maybe you have frequent personal problems with relationships, coworkers, etc.

A Quiz

Here’s a quick 10-point quiz to see how you really understand and get along with other people. Remember, nobody is watching you here… so be completely honest with yourself in your answers.

You’ll answer each question with a score of 1 through 5 – with 1 being “almost never”, 3 being “sometimes” and 5 being “always”. Keep track of your score as you go!

  1. When I hear a point of view that opposes my own, I keep an open mind, listen with empathy, ask the person to elaborate and try to understand their point of view.
  2. When I hear an opposing viewpoint, I can express it so well that the person tells me they feel that I understand them – even if I don’t agree.
  3. I value and appreciate the chance to work with people who have different perspectives and backgrounds.
  4. I am open to learning new knowledge and skills from other people and I actively seek out diverse opinions.
  5. I believe and accept that two people can disagree and they can both be right – and that they still can get along with one another.
  6. People I live and work with will say that I respectfully share my opinions without being offensive in the way I share them.
  7. When tension or disagreements arise in relationships, I do my best to try and find a solution the will be beneficial to all of us.
  8. I look for role models & look up to those who can best help me to learn respect and admiration for others.
  9. I am open to change or new experiences and am willing to try new things – like food, music, cultural activities, etc.
  10. I try to be good humored and try to remain so, even in difficult situations.

Now …total up your scores and we’ll see how well you get along with others.


10-29 – Poorly. You tend to be closed to understanding and the differences in others.

30-39 – Fair to Good. You generally keep an open mind but you still have trouble in many instances.

40-44 – Very Good. While you probably do show a healthy amount of respect for others and their point of view, you could work to improve your skills in understanding.

45-59 – Excellent! You have a significant amount of respect and appreciation for the differences in others. You’ve learned that while it isn’t necessary to agree, it is necessary to understand.


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