It does not prove a thing to be right because the majority say it is so. ~Friedrich von Schiller

The 18th-century German playwrite & philosopher had deep wisdom when he said those words. We fall into such a trap of self-destruct & defeat when we go with what the majority thinks is right, or moral or productive.

Hollywood Lies: Don’t Follow The Majority

Hollywood & fairy tales have given many people a completely inaccurate impression of what’s really right. What to expect. What to desire. The movies industry has lied to us for decades and as a result, has twisted what is real for “the majority”.

It’s given us a false sense of what love & romance are. Destroyed the functional core concepts of family, men & women’s places, respect and fidelity. It’s taught us we shouldn’t have to have goals and then work our asses off to achieve them – instead giving the false sense that success & wealth should be magically handed to us somehow without our having to earn it.

Following the pack leaves you stepping in $#!+

A person who is constantly ill cannot teach about health & nutrition. One who lies to or cheats on their partner cannot provide advice about stable, successful, loving relationships.

If you want to expect what you see portrayed as popular & acceptable in the movies, you’re never going to be happy & fulfilled. If you follow the majority & accept what they seem to think is “right”, you’re destined for failure, destitution & misery. I know this from personal experience.

The “majority” of our society today lacks common sense & genuine principles – most of all, any true foundation of values. If the majority were right – wouldn’t they all be truly happy, very healthy, in solid, lasting relationships, extremely wealthy? Now… do you want to be just like them?

In all honesty, the majority isn’t any of those things. When it comes time to take advice or seek direction about what’s “right” on any matter, find someone who has done it already and heed what they teach.

One of my favorite quotes is, “If you choose to follow the pack, you’ll step in a lot of what they leave behind”. Following Hollywood’s example will make your life hell. Following other people who have no proven life expertise is a recipe for being just like them. Is that what you want?

Make the choice to do what’s right. The high road is never the easy one.


  1. Using the word "majority" is a pretty bold term. I believe the contrary is true. That most of us do have common sense & guiding principles. And to say that the "majority" lacks any true foundational values I think goes a little far. Okay, alot to far. I beleive that many start out with all honest, true and pure intentions but that we get lost along the way and sometimes we make bad calls a.k.a. mistakes….Some of us learn from them, some of us dont. Perhaps those that don't are the "majority" that you are refering to. If all of us were in perfect form, then what would be striving for? What would the reason be for beleive in salvation and asking for forgiveness…We are human, and humans error. We were put here to make the mistakes and have the fundamental right to choose between right and wrong. That was our purpose to learn. We were given free will…the right to choose and fail…that is the whole concept of the mortal experience. I would rather learn from a true mortal, mistakes, sins and all…someone who has learned from experience than someone who mindlessly judges without the empathy to forgive others for whatever errors they made. I think if God can forgive us, if we truly ask for forgiveness and have learned and understand our sins, mistakes, errors….then all human's alike should be willing to forgive, hold empathy for and hold an understanding for one another. What makes one person weak, lost or confused is not the same for all people. Our existence and experiences here are all different.

    Personally, I would much rather take advice and learn from someone who did get lost and found their way. Like and inspiration to do better, be better. Someone who has the insight to know and understand what we may have felt or how we got lost. Someone with enough experience and fortitude to see the mistakes we are making before we make them…and why trust them? Because they have been there. Because they are a non biased party that can see things from the outside looking in that a person on the inside with their rose colored glasses on , can't see.

    To the person who is above all mistakes and had never strayed from their "guiding principles" or moral compass….I think they are a judgmental fool that just doesn't understand what it is to be human. They don't understand the whole human experience and the depth and breadth of human emotion. They cannot feel empathy for other human beings but rather sit all high on their mighjt throne and jidge them. No I don't think I'll be taking advice from that person.

    I'll be beside my brother's and sister's that made mistakes that I have long forgiven themselves for, and that have forgiven themselves. I will lend my ear and offer as much advice on things I have seen and lived through. When they cry, I will cry with them and show them the way to find the path to find their moral compass or guiding principles….for they were only lost for a moment.

    You say not to "folow the crowd" then how can you determine what "guiding principles" are more right than others…did they learn them along with the crowd??? Or does someone hold the better set of principles that are theirs and theirs alone because they chose not to follow the crowd? It's a subjective statement…..maybe one that requires more consideration and thought.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts on this!

      As for guiding principles – principles aren't subjective. They are irrefutable & timeless. They don't change with society's changing sense of values, morals & ethics. It's what is found in scripture. It doesn't change, no matter what decade it is.

      Infidelity, for example, is not just "traditionally" wrong, it is a commandment ('principle') that is unchanging. Yet, our popular media has made it look OK & acceptable in many varied situations, excusing the behavior. Most people, when asked, seem to think that there are times or situations when unfaithful behavior is "OK" or excusable.

      My point is – just because so many (OK – maybe not the true majority) think it's alright, doesn't make it so! Just because we see people on TV or in the movies lie, cheat, steal & any number of other destructive behaviors – it doesn't make it right.

      I've heard from a lot of folks recently who think that cheating, lying & so on, is "OK" when you're in a frustrating or unhappy situation. After all, "we don't live in the 1800's anymore", as one person put it. I disagree with that mentality COMPLETELY. It is short sighted, lazy & irresponsible to take such an easy, self-gratifying path in the face of life challenges. Choosing to act like that doesn't lead to personal growth or strengthening faith – but away from it. I know – I have done it.

      In our modern day & age, there are a lot of folks on a pedestal, dictating what's right & wrong. I truly hope I'm not coming off that way, myself. My true belief is, that while we may not have an all-knowing, perfect guru living among us now, we have record of One who was perfect, who walked this world & taught us what is absolutely right & wrong.

      We are alive to make mistakes & learn from those. Life is full of that! Most who know me, know that my mistakes have been many and the hurt I've caused to others (as well as my own self destructive stuff) is something I can only pray to be forgiven for. Many who have made mistakes, can share with us what they've learned through that process. Some have still never learned, and continue on in the unproductive pattern.

      The biggest thing I was hoping to convey that may not be so clear in this article, is that "we cannot justify a thing as right simply because we see it in the media being portrayed as fun & acceptable…we cannot justify a behavior simply because "everyone else" is doing it – or we can find "x-number" of people who think it's OK.

      We must have that never wavering guide of what is truly right in our sights. A measure of sorts for true, guiding principles, that isn't gauged by what other people think. Many would refer to the Bible for that standard. Can we truly rely on another living persons's opinion of what is right & wrong for our own salvation?

      Again, I am no guru. I don't have all the answers & struggle with my limited understanding. My hope is that I can only share a few of the things I've realized over the years – only after making some tremendous mistakes. My experiences haven't made me any expert – but I've found a few things that sure don't work well – and as I learn what does work, I'll write it out here.

      I so appreciate your insight & the fact that you would share your thoughts here. Thank you!

  2. I agree with your whole statement in regard to where you were getting your guiding principle. In your first exerpt you did not relay that. It was more of a non identified set of principles in which one could ask; What makes one set better than the other. You’ve answered that, and in that light, I would simply say that those who struggle to make daily decisions and/or constantly make poor ones, may not have a relationship with our father or know the teachings he left for us. For he indeed knew what was best for us. He layed the guiding foundation for us to live a peacful and plentiful life. It is when we stray from that, that we find things that will only cause trouble and pain. Know that he expected this, and it was for a purpose. We can only truly find God and appreciate the gift of salvation and ultimate forgiveness through our own trials and tribulations. Knowing how to be grateful and thankful for those blessings is the only way.

    Modern times certainly put a spin on making it more difficult to follow the path that is true. We have missionaries of all faith that walk this entire earth to teach and to learn. The people that need saved are not the one’s who are already making the right choices, they are the ones that have not yet opened their hearts and minds to the work and glory of a higher being. They are the exact people that need empathy and forgiveness and a gentle hand to show them the way in such a way they will feel compelled to be guided and not feel pushed to a better way of living. God works through us to show other’s the way.

    Keep in mind also, that not all on this earth are Christian but still have a very solid set of their own guiding principles in their own book. So what may seem like the only set of principles to you, may vary just a bit. We are a colored world and there may just be a differring set that we all need to accept.

  3. Hello my Dear Cole,

    I’m constantly reminding Mommys to “Turn the friggin’ TV off!” In this day and age there is no room for the types of bad behaviors that are seeming to be the “norm” in our society. It is affecting our perception of what it means to be kind and moral and it is seeping into the way we guide our children.

    It’s not just Hollywood Darling, it’s ALL forms of media and when are we going to draw the line? Yes, we can say don’t buy it or turn the channel, but when the industry throws billions of dollars of unacceptable garbage in our face daily… well, there are those that just don’t know better.

    The more of us that bring these important topics to the front, the better… the more you know, right?

    Have a FABulous Day Darling! xoxo


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