The Day After Thanksgiving is “Black Friday” in the United States.

It’s the largest, busiest, grandest, save-the-most(est) shopping day of the entire year – or so we’re told. People are lining up outside of stores before their Thanksgiving dinner has even been digested to scurry in and battle the crowds to take advantage of this extravaganza, which is no more than commercial gluttony.

Stores make their employees leave home & family in the middle of the night to come man the battlements, so to speak, in preparation for the enormous crowds of shoppers. Police are on hand to maintain control at “door buster” sales, yet each year, we see news stories of people who’ve been trampled & even killed by fellow deal seekers! Sounds fun, eh? But wait! What was it we were just celebrating?

Black Friday is the iconoclasm of Thanksgiving.

Are we really supposed to humbly reflect on & express our deep gratitude one day and then switch to the complete opposite extreme the next day in order to save a few dollars?

Sure, I know there are great deals out there on Black Friday and people can be “thankful” for saving money. But it seems that Black Friday is has almost become the anti-Thanksgiving with all the commercialism and the general mindset surrounding this frenzied shopping.

Thankfulness is a attitude essential to abundance and a key part of positive thinking. Giving thanks in our heart & minds, as well as expressing it to those around us should happen every day – not just one day each year.

Going beyond expressing thanks to others as a matter of courtesy or kindness, we need to constantly have in our minds what we are thankful for. So, as a friendly reminder; make an extra effort to keep that feeling and mindset of giving & gratitude as you’re out doing holiday shopping & planning for festivities.

Stress & commercialism this time of year can take away from the real meaning of what we’re commemorating during these magical, special holidays. Embrace the bounty that life has to offer you …which can only come after having gratitude.┬áBegin the day with thanks each morning. Express it to those around you. And good luck if you’re out shopping this weekend.


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