Typically, making assumptions of any kind is a bad thing as it leads us into all kinds of problems. We’ve all heard what happens when we “assume”. I’ll write more on that later.

Obviously, assuming something can’t always be wrong – right?

For now, there is a video I’d like to share with you, where Dr. Stephen Covey talks about Four Assumptions that we should all have…and live by. As you watch this short clip, ask yourself, “how would life be different if I made each of these assumptions & lived accordingly?”

If we really took this to heart, it would absolutely be life-changing. Are there more assumptions you can think of that would lead to positive changes in your life? Share your thoughts on this idea in the comments area, below.



  1. There's no such thing as "proof" outside mathematics. In the real world we use evidence. Now if you want to redefine faith as any belief regardless of the amount of supporting evidence for it then go ahead but you won't be talking about the same kind of faith that anyone else is talking about.

    When semantics is all you've got you probably don't have a very strong argument. And semantics, as usual, really is all you've got.

    • Faith, as a verb, is the "firm belief in something for which there is no proof", according to Mirriam-Webster's definition. The biggest reason I struggle with faith is because I am an evidence kind of person. I can't have faith in something when there is supporting evidence against it… but when it comes to matters of spirituality where science has a hard time proving theories, I have faith.

      I couldn't agree with you more that semantics alone don't provide any kind of strong argument! Semantics are just that…and they usually carry no weight on their own.

      Thanks for your comment! Do come back soon.


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