A winter sunset on the south Idaho plains

South Idaho Winter

Back in February of 2004, I was driving near the foothills south of Twin Falls, Idaho. The sun was setting and the temperature was...

Best Friends

My dogs, Hannah and Gus - a Newskeet German Shepherd and a Border Collie - relaxing after playing hard one afternoon. They were always...

Magic in the Air

The lighting was such that it gave an almost eerily, magical feeling - somewhat ominous and yet inspiring. These grasses swayed in the gentle breeze...

Podcast: The Need for Understanding

Whether or not you recognize the need in yourself and others, the need for understanding is vitally important in any relationship and to all people.

Little Green Friend

This Green Morph Pacific Tree Frog let me get within inches of it to take its picture on cloudy afternoon in May 2004. I...
Clear Perspective Equals Happiness

Japanese Gardens

The Japanese Gardens at the Denver Botanic Garden is a wonderful place for reflection. One of the most serene places...right in downtown Denver. Image Copyright ©...

Pink Tulip

The colors of this Tulip were so vibrant the morning that I took this photo that I couldn't resist capturing the image above. Delicate...

Myth Busted: People Don’t Change Podcast

Cole is your Myth Buster in this podcast, explaining why change is inevitable for everyone.

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