What Is Real Understanding?

Real understanding is an essential part of all relationships…One of the greatest obstacles to real understanding is having to face some of our own fears.

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The Color of Advice
An 18th century British statesman, Lord Chesterfield, well-known for his wise quips said, “When a man wants your advice, he generally wants your praise”. Obviously remaining consistent with the proper grammar of the time, Chesterfield was referring to both men and women. Let’s be completely honest with ourselves for... Read more
We’re Never Done Understanding

For years, I’ve worked on learning how to better communicate with and understand people. Even after we get to know someone and tend to think we understand them – we aren’t finished understanding them.

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How Well Do You Get Along with Others? A Quiz

Regardless of how you think people perceive you, your own view of that is usually quite different from how others actually see you. So, how well do you get along with others?

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Recipe for True Understanding

What does it mean to truly understand another person? Is it a matter of hearing their words and nodding in agreement, anxious and fully ready to convince them of our own point of view?

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