Happiness Depends on What We Give of Ourselves
Happiness Depends on What We Give Our happiness is in direct proportion to what we give of ourselves to others. Many different things make each of us happy. We have dreams, hopes, desires and things we really enjoy spending our time doing. Even if we... Read more
One Nation, Under God
Are We Still One Nation, Under God? So much is happening in our world…and especially, our country right now. We are seeing history in the making – but is it a history any of us can look back on with fond memories, or will this be remembered as the... Read more
New Year, New Direction

New Year, New Direction

Blog December 23, 2014 0

Let’s face it, our world – particularly the United States of America – is headed in a direction which concerns me greatly. A huge part of why this is happening has to do with a gross lack of moral values.

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The Need for Understanding
Is it really so important understand other people? Whether or not you recognize the need in yourself and others, the need for understanding is vitally important in any relationship and to all people. Cole explains this basic principle & gives tips on how to strengthen your ability to understand... Read more
Take A Voyage of Discovery

Ready to make a difference in your life and the lives of others? Cole welcomes you to the podcast series & website, explaining the what and why of Voyage of Discovery.

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